Notices through the website

I’ve set up a form so that users can submit notices through the website without having to log on. Under Members/Notices, choose “submit a new notice”. The form should be obvious, but there’s a “prove you’re not a robot” question, where you have to enter the answer to a simple sum.

There are a few protected pages on the website (those with sensitive information), including the Notices page itself – the password for all these is yso1898, which can be distributed to the members in due course. Once you’ve entered it once (in a session) you don’t have to enter it again.

The page to submit a new notice is protected with password yorkSO1898, which I suggest we keep reasonably private for now, although I don’t think any of our members would use it to spam everyone!

At the moment it’s set up to just email the notices to the committee. If you want to have a little test run then go for it – afterwards, I can re-configure it to email all the members (and delete all the test notices!)

Currently, new notices will get emailed out straight away. I can also set it up so that they need to be approved first by a website admin, which might be a thing if we let all the members have access.

Please do have a play, and let me have any feedback that occurs to you.