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Conductor: HA Bennett
Leader: Leila Willoughby

Seasons 1919-1920, 1920-1921

No concerts

29th Concert – Saturday, April 1st, 1922

Tempest Anderson Hall
Strings only
Purcell – Suite
Handel – Song “Hear me wind and waves” (Singer: Mr Alan Clark)
Bach – Concerto in D minor for piano & orchestra (Piano solo: Mrs GL Brown)
Songs: (Singer: Mr Alan Clark)

  • Hamilton Harty – “The blue hills of Antrim”
  • Parry – “Love is a Bable”
  • Austin – Variations on “The vicar of Bray”

Chopin – Ballade in A flat for piano (Piano solo: Mrs GL Brown)
Sibelius – Romance in C
Songs: (Singer: Mr Alan Clark)

  • Schumann – “The two grenadiers”
  • Walford Davies – “When child her plays”
  • Stanford – “The old superb”

Grainger (arr)

  • Irish Tune
  • Irish Reel


30th Concert – Wednesday, November 10th, 1923

St George’s Hall, Castlegate
Singer: Mr Raymond Hartley
Mendelssohn – “Hebrides” Overture
Debussy – Sacred and Profane Dances for harp and strings (Harp solo: Mr C Collier (Halle orchestra))
Mozart – Symphony in G minor
Elgar – “Dream Children”
Purcell (arr Holst) – “Gordian Knot” Suite
Quilter – Three English Dances

31st Concert – Wednesday, 16th January, 1924

Tempest Anderson Hall
Strings only
Parry – English Suite
Giles Farnaby – Suite
Bach – Concerto in D for piano, flute, violin and strings
(Piano: Mr C Padel; flute: Mr Lupton Whitelock; violin: Mr Edward Maude)
Byrd – Fantazia
Chopin – Fantaisie F Minor for piano (Pianist: Mr C Padel)
Elgar – Serenade Op.20
Donjon – “Offertoire” for flute solo (Flute: Mr Lupton Whitelock)
Holst – “St. Paul’s” Suite

32nd Concert – Wednesday, 5th November, 1924

Stanford – Overture “Shamus O’Brien”
Beethoven – Symphony No.2 in D
Songs: (Singer: Miss Etty Ferguson)

  • Hahn – “D’une prison”
  • Bruneau – “L’heureux vagabond”
  • Puget – “Chanson de route”
  • Hue – “J’ai pleuré en rêve”

Farrar – Three English Pastorals
Bizet – “L’arlesienne” Suite
Songs: (Singer: Miss Etty Ferguson)

  • Holst – “The Dawn”
  • Stanford – “Cuttin’ rushes”
  • Herbert – “Loveliest of trees”
  • Shaw – “The bubble song”

Jaernefelt – “Praeludium”
Berlioz – Hungarian March

January, 1925

5 players gave a concert in the Blind School in aid of YSO funds

33rd Concert – Wednesday, 1st April, 1925

Festival Concert Rooms
Conductor: HA Bennett
Asst Conductor: HT Crabtree

Beethoven – “Egmont” Overture
Beethoven – Violin Concerto in D Op.61 (Violin Solo: JW Cowper)
Haydn – Symphony No.2 in D
Holst – Fugal Concerto for flute, oboe and strings
Schubert – “Rosamunde”

Wednesday, 10th June, 1925

Silver collection in aid of YSO funds

Railway Institute
Conductor: HA Bennett
Leader: JW Cowper

Strings only?
With Folk dancers and vocalist

34th Concert – Wednesday, 10th February, 1926

Festival Concert Rooms
Mozart – Overture “Magic Flute”
Songs: (Singer: Miss Joan Elwes)

  • Laws – “The lark”
  • Campion – “Oft have I sighed”
  • Arne – “The lass with the delicate air”

Schubert – Unfinished Symphony
Quilter – A Children’s Overture
Elgar – “Dream Children”
Songs: (Singer: Miss Joan Elwes)

  • Parry – “Three Aspects”
  • Parry – “My true love hath my heart”
  • Davidson – “Christmas Eve at Sea”

Borodin – “On the Steppes of Central Asia”
Dvorák – Slavonic Dances No.7 & 8

35th Concert – Wednesday, 9th February, 1927

Festival Concert Rooms
Conductor: Mr Edward Maude
Vice: Mr JW Cowper

Beethoven – “Coriolan” Overture
Mozart – Symphony No.39 in E flat
Songs: (Singer: Miss E Groves)

  • Morley – “Sweet nymph come to thy lover”
  • Monro – “My lovely Celia”
  • Purcell – “Hark! the echoing air”

Weber – “Euryanthe” Overture
Grieg – Piano Concerto in A minor
(played on a Waddington Auto-de-luxe Piano)
Songs: (Singer: Miss E Groves)

  • Quilter – “A last year’s rose”
  • Howells – “A madrigal”

Sibelius “Finlandia”

Seasons 1927-1933

No concerts

Conductor: Mr F Kell
Leader: Mr AJ Cooper

36th Concert – Sunday, 5th November, 1933

For York Corporation

Exhibition Buildings
Wagner – March from “Tannhaeuser”
Nicolai – Overture “The Merry Wives of Windsor”
Mozart – Recit and Aria from “The Marriage of Figaro” (Singer: Miss Eva Farrant)
Massenet – Fourth Suite “Scenes Pittoresque”
Coates – Suite “From the countryside”
Songs: (Singer: Miss E Farrant)

  • Davidson – “A Christmas Carol”
  • Wilson – “Shepherd thy demeanour vary”

Sullivan – Selections from “Iolanthe”
Elgar – “Pomp and Circumstance” March

Wednesday, 13th December, 1933

Railway Institute
The orchestra played for the visit of HRH The Prince of Wales

Sunday, 9th December, 1934

The orchestra played in aid of the Lord Mayor’s Christmas Cheer Fund

Season 1935-1936

No concerts

Conductor: Owen Le P Franklin

37th Concert – Sunday, 31st January, 1937

Folk Hall, New Earswick
Mendelssohn – “Hebrides” Overture

  • “Berceuse”
  • “Praeludium”

Bizet – “Toreador’s Song” from “Carmen” (Singer: Frank Green)
Schubert – “Rosamunde”
Handel – Piano concerto in B flat (Pianist: Geoffrey Wilson)
Sibelius – “Valse triste”
Songs (Singer: Frank Green)
Elgar – “Pomp and Circumstance” March No.1

38th Concert – Sunday, 25th April, 1937

Folk Hall, New Earswick
Bach – Three movements from Suite in D
Grieg – Piano concerto in A minor ( Pianist: Robert Hay)
Handel – Song: “Where’er you walk” (Singer: WA Hepworth)
Schubert – “Unfinished” symphony (1st movement)
German – Three dances from “Henry VIII”
Songs: (Singer: WA Hepworth)

  • Quilter – “Love’s philosophy”
  • Bairstow (arr) – “So sweet is she”
  • Bridge – “Love went a-riding”

Piano solos: (Pianist: Robert Hay)

  • Poldini – Etude in A
  • Ireland – “The island spell”
  • Livens – “Sing a song of Sixpence”

Bridge – “Fireflies”
Weber – “Euryanthe” overture

39th Concert – Sunday, 26th December, 1937

Carol Concert

Exhibition Buildings
Songs and carols:

  • “O come, all ye faithful”
  • Vaughan Williams – “And all in the morning”
  • Holst – “I saw three ships”
  • Warlock – “The first mercy”
  • Warlock – “What cheer?”

Bach – Three movements from Suite in D
Unaccompanied carols:

  • Shaw – “How far is it to Bethlehem”
  • Holst – “Lullay my Liking”

Chorus and orchestra:

  • Warlock – “Tyrley, tyrlow”
  • Vaughan Williams – “On Christmas night”
  • Warlock – “The sycamore tree”

Unaccompanied chorus:

  • Williams – “This day”
  • Scott – “Angels with a joyful greeting”
  • Shaw – “The first Nowell”

Warlock – “Capriol” Suite
Unaccompanied carols:

  • Howells – “A spotless rose”
  • Shaw – “The holly and the ivy”

Chorus and Orchestra:

  • Handel – “Hallelujah” from “Messiah”


Season 1938-1939

No concerts

Second World War

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