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Dorin Tuca

Dorin Tuca is studying at the Royal Northern College of Music, with the leader of the BBC Philharmonic Yuri Torchinsky. His concert career began at nine years old, when he won first prize at the Sabin Dragoi Music School in Arad, Romania. This early success was followed by a string of awards, including, at the age of 14, first prize in the Romanian Musical Olympics and Special Prizes in the George Enesco Competition and Bronzetti. Dorm was invited to join the Pro Corda courses in Leiston Abbey, Suffolk and at the age of 16 he joined the Purcell School, where he led the school orchestra. At eighteen he was awarded a scholarship to the RNCM.

Currently, Dorm has a busy concert schedule, as a soloist and chamber musician, playing with many groups including the Roberts Quartet. So far, he has performed in Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, France, Italy, Romania, Belgium, England, Ireland and Wales.

Recently he has won an award from the Musicians Benevolent Fund.

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