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From the Home page and the Archive page you can go to a Search Page which gives access to 3 search programs:
  • A client-side (internal) search program which locates conductors, soloists, composers and works occurring in the concert files.
  • A client-side (internal) search program which lists the performers for a particular concert, and enables you to search for players' names.
  • A server-side (external) script which locates any text in the text files and provides a link to the file where it is found.
The first two programs are recommended for routine searches of the concert files as they provide links to the concert details. They are written in JavaScript and search data arrays within the program. Since the data is loaded into the user's computer the files may be slower to load, but searching is very fast.
The third program searches the whole web-site; it provides links to the files containing the search item but will not take you to the specific text within the files, nor provide links to the concert details.

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