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This file contains a selection of pictures from the York Symphony Orchestra archives. Click on the pictures to view an enlarged version. (The size of the file is given in each case.)

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Tertius Noble 1 T. Tertius Noble (1) (9K) Tertius Noble 2 T. Tertius Noble (2) (97K)
Editha Knocker Editha Knocker (9K) Leila Willoughby Leila Willoughby (7K)
Tertius Noble's Last Concert Tertius Noble's Last Concert, 1913 (32K) The Great Hall of the Exhibition The Great Hall of the Exhibition (44K)
Edward Bairstow Edward Bairstow (11K) Francis Jackson Francis Jackson (16K)
Frederic Waine Frederic Waine (8K) Children's Concert 1977 Young People's Concert, 1977 (37K)
Farewell party for Francis Jackson' Farewell party for Francis Jackson (39K) Eric Horsley' Eric Horsley (10K)
Martin Hotton' Martin Hotton (11K) Hazel Henderson Hazel Henderson (8K)
John Hastie John Hastie distributes prizes, 1986 (18K) John Godfrey John Godfrey (23K)
YSO walk, 1987 YSO walk, Rosedale, July 1987 (33K) The YSO 1988 The YSO in rehearsal, 1988 (37K)
YSO walk 1988 YSO walk 1988 (40K) YSO walk 1988 (string section) YSO walk 1988 (string section) (20K)
Catherine van de Weyer Catherine van de Weyer (26K) Paul Mann Paul Mann (21K)
YSO walk 1990 YSO walk 1990 (33K) Claire Jowett Claire Jowett (21K)
YSO annual dinner 1991 YSO annual dinner, 1991 (31K) Berwick Kaler narrates \'Peter and the Wolf\' Berwick Kaler narrates "Peter and the Wolf" (16K)
Wind soloists, 'Peter and the Wolf' Wind soloists, "Peter and the Wolf" (28K) Eno Koço Eno Koço (30K)
Leslie Bresnen Leslie Bresnen (13K) The YSO 1999 The YSO 1999 (56K)
Centenary Concert 1999 Centenary Concert 1999 (49K) David Blake David Blake (56K)
David Blake conducting, 2003 David Blake conducting, 2003 (18K) David Blake conducting, 2003 David Blake conducting, 2003
YSO in rehearsal 2003 The YSO in rehearsal, 2003 (51K) Woodwind rehearsing, 2003 Woodwind rehearsing, 2003
Concert 2004 Concert, March 2004 concert 2005 Concert, March 2005
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