Rehearsal Schedule

Spring 2018

8 January  Walton
Truswell I
Elgar II, III to rehearsal number 122
15 January Elgar I, III from rehearsal number 122 to the end,
9pm Vaughan-Williams
22 January Elgar IV, II
Sectionals till 8.30pm, come together at 8.40pm
29 January Truswell III
Elgar III
5 February Vaughan Williams
8pm Elgar I
Truswell I
12 February
(Half Term)
Elgar IV
9pm Vaughan Williams
19 February Audition evening
26 February Elgar
5 March Walton
Vaughan Williams
12 March Vaughan Williams
8pm Elgar
19 March Truswell
23 March
Truswell with the Monster Ceilidh Band
Vaughan Williams
24 March 1:45 run through in the Lyons
8pm Concert
Vaughan Williams Overture: The Wasps 9’
Walton Crown Imperial 9’
Truswell Concerto for Ceilidh Band and Orchestra c.20’
Elgar Symphony no.2 53’


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