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This page contains information of interest primarily to members of the orchestra.

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Rehearsal Schedule

30th January
SECTIONALS 7.30 – 8.45
Shostakovich IV (stamina (!) and getting the triple pulse sections sounding like one in a bar),
Leighton I then come together to play these two pieces at 8.45

6th Feb
Shostakovich II aiming for beauty of sound and sustained solo playing.
Leighton III.

13th Feb
SECTIONALS 7.30 – 8.45
Shostakovich I (challenges of speed - and semiquavers)
Leighton II (sustained expressive playing in an astringent idiom) then come together to play these at 8.45.

20th Feb
A change: exploration of some hidden gems from the YSO library.

27th Feb
Shostakovich III and IV
Saint-Saëns slow movement

6th March
Shostakovich II

13th March
I Leighton III

20th March
Shostakovich (complete)
Leighton (complete)

23rd March (Thu)
Saint-Saëns with soloist

25th March 1.45pm
Rehearsal in the Lyons,
8pm Concert

Members' subscriptions
Full: £120
Concession: £100
Student: £80

School children: free

Patrons' subscriptions: £30

Corporate Patrons' subscriptions: £250

To make direct payments to our bank account, for subscriptions or other donations:
Bank: HSBC, 13 Parliament St, York, YO1 8SG
Sort code: 40-47-31
Account: 00898163
Account name: York Symphony Orchestra

Beverley Music Centre has included a link to the YSO website on its own site. As a quid pro quo a link to the Centre is provided here, as this may be of use to members.